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Sir Jim Ratcliffe: I’m backing Britain, we will thrive without EU

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, who has a personal fortune of £18billion and who owns 60 per cent of the largest privately-owned company in the world, says a country led by Corbyn’s Labour party is “unthinkable”. Sir Jim, 66, says his company, Ineos, is patriotic but “not dumb”. He says: “We’re Brits, we like the UK, but […]

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Selling Your Home: The Power of a Great Sales Flyer

Even though its importance is often overlooked, a great sales flyer is one of the most effective tools for selling your house. Whether your home is listed with an agent or not, make sure that you have a dazzling flyer. Most agents will appreciate your help, since it’s also in their best interest to sell […]

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Easily Raise Your Credit Score

When it comes to your credit score, you can always work to increase it. Today’s world seems to revolve around your credit score. It affects so many parts of your life — your apartment, your employment, your insurance premiums and your ability to borrow money. A good credit score enables you to purchase a home, […]

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