Barter Your Services to Meet Your Needs

Bartering is a clever and creative alternative for families on a budget. It’s a way of meeting your needs without spending any money. Our need for professional services can range anywhere from plumbers and landscapers to dentists or lawyers. It can even be something as simple as music lessons for your child. No matter what the needs are, bartering your services in return for someone else’s is the perfect solution to conserving your cash flow.

Online barter sites are a great way to find many people that share your interest, like the plumber or music teacher. You also have the advantage of checking in on a daily basis to see what other services are being offered. You may even come across a service that you had never thought of but one you could certainly use.

Shop around and have a look at different barter sites and find what’s best for you. These are just a few simple guidelines to follow that will get you on your way to some successful trades.

1. Take the time to describe your services by listing your years of experience and education. The more detailed, the likelier it is that someone will contact you.

2. Respond to a trade offer with etiquette. Even if you’re not interested, a simple “No Thank You” is better than no response at all.

3. Don’t be afraid to approach people with offers. What’s the worst they can say?

4. Be realistic in the value of services you are offering and what you are asking for in return.

5. Have fun, it’s not rocket science. If a barter club or website seems too confusing, move on.

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