Choose The Right Savings Account

Once you’ve found the right checking account, you’ll want to start looking for the right savings account. You only want to keep the minimum balance plus any money you need for bills in your checking account. There are two main factors to consider when choosing a savings account:

Savings Account Interest Rate
You want a savings account with a high interest rate The interest rate is the amount of interest that the bank will pay you on the balance in your savings account. When you choose a loan, you want to pick the loan with the lowest interest rate, but with a savings account you’re giving the loan to the bank and you want the highest interest rate possible.

Savings Account Minimum Balance

Some banks charge a fee if you go below a certain balance, and others will just lower your interest rate. You’ll want a savings account with a low minimum balance so that if you ever need a large portion of your money you won’t be charged fees or miss out on your rate.

Online Banks

The highest interest rates and lowest minimum balance can usually be found online. These banks don’t have to pay the overhead of rent and can pass this savings on to its customers. One of the best online banks is ING Direct.

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