Credit Repair – The Silver Bullet?

There are 5 other major components that play an important role in the credit restoration process, such as, payment history, length of history, mixture of credit, number on inquiries, and amount of credit used.

When you review your profile to see if you are a good candidate for the credit repair program we must first understand some key factors:

  1. Do you currently have a job?
  2. Do you have any additional accounts open that report to the credit report?
  3. If so are you able to make monthly on time payments?
  4. What type of accounts do you have open?
  5. How old is there oldest delinquent account?
  6. Do you use a budget work sheet?
  7. How committed to improving your credit score are they?

These are a few of the questions that are asked in the consultation process to better understand your capabilities as well as your level of financial education and dedication to the credit improvement process.

It is also important to understand your goals and expectations. If you don’t know this you are potentially setting yourself up for failure. You need to have a realistic expectation of the credit repair process and any changes that have to be made in how you handle your finances.

The credit restoration process often requires you to establish new types of accounts to begin the rebuilding process. The effect of good payment history reporting to the credit report along with the deletion of unverifiable, obsolete and erroneous information from the credit report will have a profound effect on your credit scores.

Correcting your credit in many cases also means re-training yourself in the way you handle and think about your finances. United Credit Education Services provides the necessary tools along with the credit repair process that allows you to get proactive in the credit repair process by providing valuable financial education.

In closing the answer is this; Credit Restoration is not the SILVER BULLET. It takes a combination of things all happening at the same time to improve the credit scores. It won’t happen overnight, but if you employee a series of tactics, one being credit repair, your chance of success increase dramatically!

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