Protect Your Assets With Offshore Bank Accounts

While many people associate offshore bank accounts with organized crime or illegal activities, this is mainly due to the fact that their only exposure to international banking has come from the cinema. Offshore banking is a perfectly legal enterprise that can assist you in finance management. Offshore bank accounts actually provide a much-needed service and are especially helpful to individuals or companies with international business holdings or those who work outside their own country. Offshore banking can provide easy access to funds, as well as distribute funds to international locations quickly and without a lot of red tape. It’s important to note that this accounts are not intended to hide your assets for the purpose of tax evasion. For further information about tax regulations and offshore banking, consult a tax attorney or consultant.

The Benefits of Utilizing Offshore Bank Accounts

Offshore bank accounts provide many of the same services as domestic accounts, with a few added perks. Some of the benefits of offshore banking include:

Lower Cost and Higher Interest – While each offshore bank has its own regulations, many offshore bank accounts provide services at a lower cost and return a higher interest rate on your funds.

Stability – In countries where the banking system is corrupt or politically unstable, this accounts can provide a safe haven for your assets. This is particularly helpful if domestic bank accounts are frequently subject to government seizure or appropriation.

Global Access – Offshore banking is structured to provide global access and transference of funds to any location you choose. Whether you have global business interests, or are working outside of your home country, offshore banking can handle your financial needs with no hassles.
Privacy – Many offshore bank accounts have strict regulations regarding client privacy that enable you to keep your financial holdings secure and anonymous.

Tax Breaks – While some countries legally require you to disclose international bank assets for taxation, in countries where this is not a requirement, offshore bank accounts provide a tax-free shelter for your funds. For tax regulations in your country, consult a tax attorney or advisor.
Common Myths Concerning Offshore Bank Accounts

There are many myths and fallacies surrounding offshore banking. While you should make every effort to get as much information as possible before choosing an offshore bank facility, don’t believe everything you hear. Some people will tell you that only the very wealthy can gain from offshore banking, but that’s not entirely true. While they sometimes require set-up fees, the money you can gain in higher interest rates and lower costs to transfer global funds will quickly make up for the fees. Another common myth is that there is no purpose to offshore banking beyond illegal tax evasion. Again, this is not true. Offshore banking can greatly assist global investing, privately securing your funds and protecting your assets from political unrest and seizure.

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