Self Help Credit Repair – Save Money and Boost Your Credit Score

Today your credit score is more important then ever. Not only does it affect your ability to secure financing for a home or automobile it is now used to determine things like insurance rates and employability. Because of this trend the demand for methods that can improve a persons credit score have increased dramatically. Self help credit repair has been at the forefront of this demand.

Credit repair is an attempt to raise a credit score by removing negative and false information from a credit report. The dispute process is done directly with the credit reporting agencies. The dispute process can easily be done with written letters sent via US mail or online at the reporting agencies websites. Many people feel they need to hire a professional credit company to do their credit repair for them because they feel that the company may do a better job or know inside trade secrets. The downside to using a company for your credit clean up is the the fees charged can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars and in most cases are non refundable and have no guarantee of actually raising your fico score.

However a simple thing overlooked by many people that need to improve their credit score is that they can actually do credit repair on their own quite easily and inexpensively. All self help credit repair requires is a little time,effort and a little basic knowledge of the dispute process. The best part of doing it yourself is that if you implement the same strategies as the professional companies you have the same chances of derogatory account removal as the company would but for a lot less money.

When it comes to cleaning up your credit report you basically have two choices. You can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars with a company with no guarantees. Or you can choose to save money and invest your time and effort in a self help credit repair campaign.

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